My Kingdom for a House

I want a house
that says this way up
on the fold out window,
the cardboard crisp and square,
or one with a door like an igloo
made of corduroy cushions
that smell like the dog,
one with passwords to get in
but secret entrances if you forget,
where all you need is a flashlight
and something worth hiding
so you can find it again.

I want a house
where she will decide
my job and the number of children
and how much I love her,
with darkness
and innocent but excited touching,
one worth defending
with cut-out swords
and unflinching courage
but easily rebuilt after a disaster.

I want a house
that can’t be outside
that has grown-up voices
distracted on the telephone
in the other room,
where I fall asleep
and wake up in my pajamas,
my bedroom door left open
just the right amount.

I want a house that lasts
like my memory of quiet
and the morning sunlight
almost blinding on the kitchen floor.


One response to “My Kingdom for a House

  1. Very awesome! I maintain my original comments – I greatly enjoy the vivid imagery and it evokes so much nostalgia. Great job, Chris.

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